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question on revision block within drawing template on drawings past first sheet

Question asked by Dave Krum on Nov 12, 2013
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Hello All,

I have a question regarding the drawing format template.  I have the revision block added as part of the template (not part of the "edit sheet format").  It appears fine each time I use this sheet for a part, etc. to make a drawing.  I have this same setup for A,B, and D size drawings without issue.  I just noticed today that when I go to add another sheet for the drawing, this revision block doesn't show up on any addtional sheets beyond the first one where it appears fine.  I'm no expert with drawing templates but thought that if it appears on the first sheet, it would also appear on any additional ones.  Or maybe the first sheet governs all the rest of the sheets in that set and SW will only allow the revision block to be on the first sheet?  Any help is appreciated.  I've attached a few screenshots.  The "sheet 1" shot appears correctly on the drawing the way I want it.  The "sheet 2" shot didn't show the rev. table so I just drew a horiz. line across to make the area look better.  The "sheet 3" shot shows the way the sheet will look when I add a new sheet.  Lastly, "sheet 1 showing rev" shows that the rev. table is working properly when adding a revision to drawing.  Thanks.