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3D Tolerance Stacks

Question asked by Ken Huggins on Nov 11, 2013

I am looking for a way to create a stack tolerance on a sheet metal enclosure.

The standard 2d side view stack with MMC LMC RSS do not give you results that match the tolerances actually produced.

Does solid works go to this level of analysis with the tol-analysis study at a piece part level?



Here is a single piece box, with angles exaggerated.

I need a tolerance stack that shows the interaction of the four stack tolerances one for each side.

Then I have to look at how that affects the top flange.




Here is a side view of the box, we need to keep the gap from side to side where the flanges meet to a set tolerance.

We also have to keep the OD width & OD height to a set tolerance.

Most important we have to keep the top flange parallel and within a flatness tolerance.