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Would you use Toolbox for a corporate components library

Question asked by Abby Dawkins on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

We recently moved from another CAD package to Solidworks so we are building out an infrastructure to support a team of 30+ engineers.  In the old software we had a hardware library with hundreds of standard components (mostly fasteners) modeled as individual parts.  It looked like most of them were in Toolbox so we went down the path of configuring toolbox.  Now that we're down in the weeds, I'm questioning whether this is really the right path.  My questions:


1) Can I edit custom components we add to the toolbox.  We are mostly metric and the ANSI metric toolbox isn't well filled out (at least in 2012) so I added folders and some files.  This went well but I don't seem to be able to edit the files once they are in toolbox.  Is there a way to edit custom components I've added to Toolbox?


2) As we've been through trial and error to get things set up correctly, I have several times lost all of the custom information (part numbers, etc) I added because I needed to change the configuration names to account for another property.  This wasn't a major problem because we didn't have much entered but we will soon.  Do you often find you have to re-enter all the information?  This will be a major time sink once we have everything entered.


3) When I update am I going to have problems updating or am I possibly going to lose all my customization data?  We have EPDM and I've had a lot of problems getting the toolbox to update cleanly in previous updates (we've had a few folks using Solidworks since 2009). 


In general would you recommend toolbox or would you just use toolbox as a part generator for a library of stand alone parts?


I'm relatively new to Solidworks so any advice is highly appreciated!