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Closed corner on weld bead

Question asked by Michael Closson on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by Scott Moore

I'm trying to show two plates with a weld bead. Together, the plates form a "T" when viewed from the front or end.

The plates are square-cornered. When I apply a weld bead assembly feature, the beads are shown as 4 beads, one on each side of the plate.

I would like to show the bead wrapping around each corner of the plate.

The attached pictures show the open bead versus the closed bead I'm looking for.

In this example, I edited the one plate and added a .001 fillet to the corners to get the bead to wrap.

But I don't want the fillet, I want the sharp corner with the bead wrapping around.

Can you show a closed bead around a sharp corner?