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    Cabinet Strategies

    Robert Higgins

      New user to SW, and reasonably new to the Shopfitting and Joinery trade.


      Spent 15years on Unigraphics doing mechainical engineering, and the last 3yr on the worlds worst software "Palletcad" in the Joinery industry. We have just brought SW2013 and Pathfinder is on its way (going into Aspan).


      We are looking to set up assembly models of basic cabinets that would be flexible enough to strip down and modify easily. Base 2 door, sink cabinets, wall mounted, oven towers etc. (we don't do too many kitchens, but the cabinets are great for starting a more complex piece of joinery). Our ultimate goal is to have all the joinery linked back to room or wall sizes.


      My question is does anybody have suggestions for an overall strategy we should be using when constructing our library? Our initial thoughts are to set up envelopes and make all the components within them parametrically referrenced to the overall sizes.


      Any suggestions on avoiding pitfalls we may come up against? Any links to cabinet hardware such as Blum or Hettich hinges and drawer runners?