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Decals disappearing after check in

Question asked by John Pagel on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by Brian Nichols

I am inserting a decal into an assembly and it seems to work fine while I am working on it.  The decal stays put and I have no problems as long as the assembly is checked out from the vault and I am working on it.  However, once I check the assembly back in the decal does not appear anymore.  I do have the view decals option turned on so I know that is not the problem.


The strange part comes after I check the assembly back in and then try to reopen it.  When I click to open the assembly it pops up on my screen and I wait as the whole assembly loads.  While it is loading the decal I had placed appears just as it was.  However, once the assembly is fully loaded (this takes about 5 seconds) the decal disappears.  When I check for the decal in the "View Decals" under Display Manager in the design tree it is no longer there, as if I had never inserted it in the first place.


Obviously there is still some data referring to the decal since it appears during the loading phase but afterwards it is 100% gone.  This is most likely a simple fix but I'm stumped.  Any help would be appreciated.