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    ICurve Evaluate2 outputs wrong values

    Louis Bouchard



      I am simply trying to obtain the coordinates of points on a spline curve, but it seems the values I get from Evaluate2 are sometimes wrong.  Here is a bit of code:



      double startParam, endParam;¸

      bool closed, periodic;

      bool res = _sketchSegment.GetCurve().GetEndParams(out startParam, out endParam, out closed, out periodic);


      for (double i = startParam; i <= endParam; i+= 0.1)


           double[] pt= _sketchSegment.GetCurve().Evaluate2(i, 0);

           _sketchManager.CreatePoint(pt[0], pt[1], 0);





      here I am creating sketch points just to visualise the points I get from Evaluate2, and some of them are not on the curve, as you can see here:



      I don't understand what I might be doing wrong... any ideas?