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Drawing Template Problem in EPDM (IPS & not MMGS)

Question asked by Roy Hunter on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Roy Hunter

We have recently introduced EPDM on our site. I am having an issue with my drawing template in EPDM 2013, Windows 7. Any ideas welcome. Our VAR has helpfuly suggested not putting the drawing template from the vault!!

I have added our three templates to our Vault.

When I start SW, the system then creates Part, Drawing & Assembly copies in a local folder. As far as I can determine there is no way around this. For this reason after much head scratching I called the templates folder DO NOT USE (TEMPLATES) to try and push our guys away from using these templates files (They do not pick up the datacards and hence serial numbers)

The part and assy templates in the Vault work fine. The drawing template was created with units MMGS. When I create a SW drawing using the system created template (drawing.drwdot) it remains MMGS. However when I use the vaulted template (Allied Drawing Template.slddrw) the units are set to IPS. This is a bit of a pain as we always use metric. I have pretty much exhausted everything I can think of. Anyone else encountered this problem or have a solution? I have attached some screen dumps.


Note: I found that if I added the drawing template through the Template tab in the admin (see admin template screen dump 2), I can get it to come through in MMGS but I have been unsuccessful in getting the drawing filename to match the part filename when using this method. Our drawing numbers match our part numbers using $prpsheet.