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How can I export to PDF while retaining a sub-folder structure and appending part titles?

Question asked by Peter Johnson on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by John Peros

Hello all,


I know task schedular allows the automatic export of pdf files from drawings, but has anyone created a macro in order to export all pdfs in a directory (and subdirectories), append the files with the part title (which appears in the description box of the drawing), and then place the pdf in a different folder but still retain the original sub-directory layout?  It would be most useful if everytime I saved the drawing it also saved a copy of the pdf using this methodology.


This way others on the network could browse the directory for parts and see the part description as well.


Unfortunately I don't know how to write macros, but perhaps someone has written one that already does this or similar?  If the same script could also check the parts for sheet metal and export the dxf to the same location that would be great.