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    Fillet Loop-D-Loop

    Jack Waitz

      I have a problem that I haven't been able to solve since starting with Solidworks 10 years ago. I often re-use sketches like the one below for the path of a "Cut Sweep" to cut a slot through a block. The only thing I change from job to job would be the dimensions at the top and bottom. The lines are connected with "Tangent Arcs." I can change the locations and keep all the tangencies until the lines go beyond 180 degree, then the arc does a loop like the second sketch. This causes the feature to crash, and I have to erase the loop and re-draw the arc correctly. Does anybody have an idea to create a "smart fillet" that knows to flip to the other side when two lines go beyond 180 degree?




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          Eric Irwin

          It would require a little more dimensioning, but if that is the only arc that causes an issue, you could replace that arc with a spline.  A spline will flip back and forth with no issue.


          Edit:  I replaced the standard arc with a conic arc (rho=.5) and dimensioned the length of the straight section.  I was surprised the that conic arc will flip.  The spline I mentioned above would work, but wasn't very easy to change.  The conic arc works great and the rho=.5 keeps it very close to circular.


          Edit X2:  The other thing I had to do was to add 2 short construction lines off the straight lines and make them equal.  This sketch will fail if the dimension value makes the 2 straight sections vertical.

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            Lenny Bucholz

            it is because the arc would have to flip the quadrant or lets mirror the arc to the other side.


            SW keeps the arc in the same origination as drawn. make sence to me.


            only way to solve this is copy the sketch without arcs were they could have this happen and the add a fillet arc after the paste.


            or just add a fillet feature after the sweep.