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Export of materials

Question asked by Roman Lygin on Nov 7, 2013

Dear all,


This is my first post, so please bear with me ;-).

In brief: Is there a way to export material (the name at least, and physical properties at best) from Solidworks Simulation ?



My customer receives files from the suppliers (in their own or other organization). Currently these are the STEP files which are exported from SW Simulation. During SW Simulation session materials (and perhaps other pre-processor propoerties) are being assigned to a 3D model. However output STEP files do not contain assigned materials. Perhaps this is due to STEP limitations and/or exporter design.

The customer then imports these STEP files into their in-house application and has to re-assign the materials manually back.

The customer requests to automate this process. This begs the following question if there is a way to export materials from SW Simulation into any of the following format - STEP, IGES, .x_t or .sat ? This is because the downstream software could retrieve any data from those formats. At least materials names would be required, and the more attributes the better. I cannot check this myself as do not have access to SW version :-(.


More heavy-weight approach would be to develop a SW plugin that would use C++ API to access the SW data and then save this information (in any arbitrary format). But the cost of this solution would be level of magnitude higher for my customer. Therefore I first would like to explore more cost-effective and faster solution first.


Many thanks for any hints.



P.S. S