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Solidworks license manager work with java secure applications manager?

Question asked by Noah Lawrence-Slavas on Nov 7, 2013

I have run into a problem involving the expiration of our subscription services, and the subsequent de-activation of our home use licenses, this seems very counterintuitive as I feel that I bought the licenses, and did not simply 'rent' them, but my solidworks VAR says "since activating or installing SolidWorks home user licenses requires an active subscription, everything will fail if attempted after that (subscription expiration) date".  To get around this problem, I am trying to allow users to access the license server from their home machines, which involves getting remote access to our secure servers, not a trivial task!  I am hoping that I can use java secure applications manager to connect to our server and then borrow a license.   I am able to ping the server, and can see the current license usage, but have not been able to borrow a license. Anybody have any ideas on why this is not working, I have found that the license server appears to use a whole bunch of TCP ports that are not documented anywhere?