Wolfgang Druskat

Excel Spreadsheet to SW Table

Discussion created by Wolfgang Druskat on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2006 by John Burrill
I'm not really sure if this should go into this forum category but here goes anyway.
We hae developed an Excel spreadsheet (refer attachment) for the drawings that we have for our motors that we have manufactured for us. At the present we have developed a spreadsheet then cut and paste it into the drawing sheet which becomes part of the drawing template for all users. This works fairly well but will tend to leave a border around the imported object which we don't want. Also the spreadsheet if it's having a bad day can resize itself which can be a pain trying to get it back to the orginal size.
The question is, "Can the spreadsheet be converted to a SW table???"
If anyone out there in the WWW has any expert advise on being able to do this I apprieciate your words of wisdom.