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Problem in mate

Question asked by Khizer Ahmed on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by Khizer Ahmed

Hello Every one,

can any one help me out in this, i have been facing this problem in many of my assemblies, i have screen shots of the issue, when i try to make mate (parallel) it gives error, showing the angle at which the part is inclined, wen i freely move the part to different angle & then try the mate (parallel) it gives error considering that angle, But when i just click the angle mate then click parallel it take s the parallel mate, I dont understand why this is happening, kindly let me know if any one have the same issue & know the solution.



Also one more issue i am facing in my system, when i link the equations, i need use two times divid (//) & two times (**) to complete equation then again delete one "/" "*" to get the values.


For example : if i want l x w, then i have to enter l**w then it conisders correct & later i remov one sign *, directly if i enter l*w it shows error, the same problem i am facing for division also. Kindly help me out for this issue.