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    P&G part or assy with linked design table gets wrong linked xls-file

    Nico Van Gils



      I set up a assy X with muliple parts and assy's inside witch have all an individualy linked design tables in it.


      As a had to make a new version of assy X I wanted to do a p&g and copy all of the content to the naw assy Y.


      Everything works fine, in the p&g menu everything looks fine. The assy's, parts and .xls files of the lined design tables are given a  new name Y.


      Now when opening the files in assy Y the design tables are still linked to the first and original assy X.


      They should be linked to assy Y.


      Result is that you have to open all the files in Y and link the DT manually to the correct xls file. Not very productive.


      Anyone had the same issue and found a solution?


      Or is this "normal" and is there some strange logic behind it.