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    Inserting a Logo

    Gart Bartle



      I am wanting to deboss a variety of parts with my company logo (company name in unique font). I created the logo by extruding each letter as a part, combined them in an assembly, then saved the assembly as a part. I'd like to be able to import that logo part into an assembly so that I can remove it from the face of the parts to deboss them. Is there any way to vary the size of the logo part within an assembly so I only have to make one logo for all the parts. Or is there another way altogether to do this?


      Thank you!



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          Alexander Henry

          Hi Gart,


          I can't see from your question exactly what you are trying to acheive and what I am suggesting might not be what you are looking for but a forum is all about sharing isn't it?


          When I have done the creation of a logo previously, I did it fully within the part using a sketch block and inserting this into sketch, then using the Wrap feature to "Emboss" as a feature in the part. You could have several blocks in the different sizes you needed in the Design Library to drag into a sketch


          Another way is to create that logo in a part (multiple bodies or single), then insert that logo part into a part use the Combine feature to remove or add the material. You could use configurations of that logo whether it was the part into part or part into assembly process you are using.


          For the option of varying the size, you could also use the Scale feature if you knew the scale.


          A similar forum is listed here: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/62847#62847