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    Processor selection help

    Chris Sargent

      I am configuring a Dell T5600 workstation for work and I am having problems deciding which processor to use.  There are a lot of options.  I personally like the Xeon E5-2643 quad core 3.3 Ghz 10M 8GT/s because it is my understanding that Solidworks will make better use of a faster single core than trying to distribute processing across multiple slower cores.  Please correct if I am wrong.  While this may not be the best processor but at the price I think it is a good value.  I am open to any recommendations. My only limiting factor due to work is I have to use Dell.  Thanks.


      Link to Dell config:  http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=swct563&model_id=precision-t5600&c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04


      Possible system config:

      --Xeon E5-2643 quad core 3.3 Ghz 10M 8GT/s (Still deciding which processor to use.)

      --32 GB memory (We deal with a lot of very large assemblies with 100's to 1000's of parts and sub assemblies)

      --Dual AMD FirePro W5000 2 GB (This is the only AMD option. Per the 2013 video card comparo I am leaning towards AMD cards:  https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/64436)

      --256 GB Solid State Drive

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          Eric Irwin

          You are on the right path.  Yes, a faster core is what you are after with SW.  The only question is if you do any rendering or FEA work, or possibly what other programs you use.  If 90% of what you do is modeling/drawings/assemblies, then you've got the right choice.  If you do some rendering and some FEA, you might consider the 8 core at 3.1 GHz.  That would sacrifice a little day to day with SW, but it would make the multi-core tasks a lot faster.

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            Gianni Nardoia

            Why don't you evaluate the cheaper I7 3770k? 4 core like E5-2643, but cheeper!

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              Chris Sargent

              I ended up getting a 16 core 3.4ghz Xeon, 32gb of memory, 256gb SSD.  I feel like the processor is more than I needed.  The memory is good for the size of files I work on and the SSD was awesome until IT got done destroying it with security utilities.  AMD's FirePro graphic cards have been a huge disappointment and absolutely no help from AMD customer support.  I am confused because in the graphic card review AMD did good.  However, in reality they have been a thorn in my side.  The certified Solidworks drivers don't work properly.  AMD's drivers work to some degree but then run into problems.  The interface software AMD's FirePro control center and Solidworks have some kind of conflict that I can not figure out.  I have had to configure my computer to use a combination of old and new drivers for my graphic card to get my computer usable for daily work.  So.... as much as I hate to say it.  We will not be using AMD's graphic cards again.  We will stick with NVIDIA in the future.