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Surfacing fails thicken / poor curvature

Question asked by Alan Boyd on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Eric Irwin

Hi All,


I am attemtping to create a solid model of the following part which is to be open ended on planes 1 and 3, and have a thin wall thickness.


As you can see I have created a lofted surface between the two profiles on planes 1 and 2, and used guide curves to successfully make the first section, but i am struggling to surface the other end where it blends into the other profiles.  I have sketched roughly using the 3D sketches where the surfaces are to run.


I have tried lofting a section of the bottom of the lofted profile (one half to then be mirrored and knitted) to a section of the lower surface plane using the first 3D sketch as a guide curve, and lofting the top section of the lofted profile to plane 3, but getting a boundary or filled surface to fill in the gap this creates is where I am struggling as it has poor curvature continuity into the other faces and fails the thicken command. 


Can anyone help me finish this in a way that can be thickened please?