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    How does people make a design with solidworks correctly? (matching with ERP)

    Ozkan Isik

      Hi everybody.

      We produce cnc sheet forming machine. I couldnt understand, how does people make a machine design with solidworks correctly? (matching with ERP)


      solidworks is not enough for manufacturing (weldment (frame)- cosmetic thread (multi body- sub-assembly)- welding (cuttable).

      Inventor and Solidedge are very successful in this regard. you can see by youtube.




      1- solidworks has pressed to design only part environment . how can you make assembly on part environment (weldment)??? this is unacceptable for ERP.


      I cannot make sense of this logic


      2- you can not see cosmetic threads multibody on assembly. (upper assembly)... Solidworks said that they will solve this problem 2014 sp2.

      I think anybody doesnt use this process (part design - assembly for welding - assembly for machining - assembly for final desing)


      3- you can not make welding design. you can not show to weld bead correctly on drawing for welding manufacturing and you can not cut to weld bead.


      ---- I want to know that how does people make a design with solidworks. (matching with ERP)



      Thank you..

      best regards