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Issue with meshing similar parts

Question asked by Robin Dejager on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by Robin Dejager

I have run into an issue that I cannot seem to solve. I am trying to do a static stress analysis on a formed sheetmetal part. I have 2 mirrored c-channels, and one is meshing just fine, the other meshes as a flat part. I was having issues with the linked mirrored part not mirroring as a sheetmetal part, so I simply saved a copy of the part and reversed all the directions, etc. I am rather new to simulation on SWX, but I have done similar analysis before withoug having this issue. I need to do a simulation with these parts in an assembly, but obviously I need to have the individual parts meshing correctly before that. I have tried varying the mesh size, but no change.



41070100 mesh.JPG41070102 mesh.JPG