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    virtual site for CEPA

    Michael McKee

      Does anyone know if there is a virtual site where one could take the CEPA certification? Or does anyone know if it is possible to

      load a new vault on a local computer without having to work on a live server (having issues trying to convince IT to allow me

      access to SQL Server to take the test.

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          Mathew Stevenson

          I had the same issue. All you need was the sa password. I contacted the cert. team at SW and they sent me a PDF to show our I.T. dept. what was needed. They felt better as you are not getting into the server, the sever just needed to be contacted. My I.T. rep. came to my workstations and typed in the sa password without me not looking and then I was off to work to take the test and passed it.


          Start by telling the cert. team your issues and anther way was visit you VAR and take the test at their office. email me directly at mstevenson@rainforrent.com if you need some more help