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Realview in SW 2004

Question asked by Peter Gillespie on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2007 by Peter Gillespie
I am running a new C2D 6600 with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 550 card and Solidworks 2004 SP2.1, and am unable to turn on Realview graphics. I am using the 84.26 drivers, which are the latest supported ones for 2005 (the SW website doesn't list the supported 2004 drivers).

Things I have tried:
Tools>Option>Performance>Use Software OpenGL is unchecked (always)
Shaders folder is present with presumably all files
Successfully turned on RealView in 2006 installed on the same machine.
Tried Part / Assemblies with textures / materials / colors applied
Edited material >Visual Properties - RealView is greyed out.
Double checked the install to make sure RealView was selected.
Did a repair on the installation.

Any other ideas?