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    Regarding import of autocad file to solidworks

    Shrey Arora

      Could some help me import the attached autocad file (.dwg) in solid works 2012. I am not able to see the model.



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          John Burrill

          Shrey, this is all covered in the online documentation, so you should read through this topic to gain a broader understanding of working with AutoCAD files.


          Having said that, the import is pretty straight forward.

          You start by going to Open File... and changign the filetype to DWG.  Then navigate to your file and open it

          You'll be presented with the DWG import wizard.  You want to set the wizard to import your DWG as 3D Curves and models into a part.  (If you want to import the dwg as an assembly then open it in draftsight and export it to an ACIS .sat file and import that into SolidWorks)

          import_AutoCAD 3d solids1.PNG

          Click "next" and in the next page of the wizard, set your import units:import_AutoCAD 3d solids2.PNG

          Click Finish and the 3D Solids will be converted into solid bodies in a part file.  In your case, there were some geometry errors on the import.  Usually these crop up at the intersections of two faces.  In this case, since the body with the errors is a duplicate of another body, I'd delete the offending geomtry and use the move-copy bodies tool to clone the good piece.