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    Impact on Swinging Structure

    Daniel Kitts

      I'm trying to run an analysis to determine impact as a result of a swinging structure striking a rigid wall.  I'm not really sure how to set this up, I imagine I'd be using a "Drop Test" analysis, but not sure if that is the best model to use.


      Here's what I'm attempting:


      I want the following model to swing in a predefined angular directction about a fixed cylinder then smash against an imaginary wall to determine the resultant stresses in the truss members associated with the impact.  I have no clue how to set this up.  Please help if you can


      Impact Help.png

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          Jared Conway

          nonlinear dynamic is the only type of analysis that will work for this. you'll need simulation premium to do this analysis. this analysis will likely take a long time to get to converge and to solve.


          consider ignoring the actual rotation part of the problem and running this as a shock load using linear dynamic - time history analysis or finding some equivalent load for a static analysis.


          drop test isn't a fit because it is specifically dropping one part on the ground from height or at impact velocity.


          motion may be a partial fit depending on what you want to learn. for example if you're concerned about the forces in the "joints" where it is being rotated, that would be a good fit for motion. but if you care about the deformation, then the motion import probably won't be enough to satisfy your needs for stress/displacements.


          there should be several discussion abotu these types of analyses on the forum. if you haven't really played with dynamic before, i'd suggest spending some time working through the tutorials, taking a class and potentially opting for someone to set it up for you the first time and learning from that.