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Aligned section tool vs sketch line, CSWP-DRWG

Question asked by Rich Chappell on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by J. Mather

Does anyone know why I would get different results to the total area in Q.3 of the

CSWP-DRWG sample test?


I have attached a file of the drawing showing my use of both the SW new "Aligned Section" tool and

the sketched line drawn prior to selecting the "Aligned Section" option from the tool bar.


I get the correct answer when I sketch an aligned profile > CNTRL select all 3 lines and then click on "aligned section from the tool bar.

I always get an incorrect (same) answer when using the new (2013) "Aligned Section" tool in the section

property manager.


The latter seems to section the widget at a different level.

Thanks for your help.