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Item number in a certain range based on part type

Question asked by Carrie Ives on Nov 5, 2013

We are doing drawings for a customer so we will be doing it their way.

The BOM will be controlled on a separate Excel spreadsheet. The BOM on the drawing will be hidden. We need the item numbers on the balloons to match the item numbers on the Excel spreadsheet. Items on the BOM are in part number order in groups by type of part. The purchased parts have item numbers 1-99, the custom parts have item numbers 100-199, and the fasteners are items numbers 200 and above. We can manually order the BOM into the correct order and manually adjust the item number, but I am hoping there is an easier way to do that. Any suggestions?


Also, what benefit is there to having the hidden BOM on the drawing vs. just creating manual BOM balloons?