Jerry Mosier

Lost My Icons

Discussion created by Jerry Mosier on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2008 by John Girgenti
I'm running SW2007x64. I had some issues getting the program to run, so I updated to SP2.0. Now the program runs great. However, when I flip through folders looking for models, drawings or assemblies, the icons are all missing. They have been replaced with the standard Windows "I don't know what this program is" icon. This is fairly confusing, because i get the same icon for back-up Acad Files, and I can no longer visually separate parts from assemblies from drawings, from .bak files.

As a little back ground: I installed SW2007x64, but had problems with the network license (it wouldn't let me on, if someone else was on even though we have 2 licenses). So, I uninstalled it, deleted all SW folders from my Programs folder, and a couple folders from my registry. Then I reinstalled the program, same problem, but when I upgraded to SP2 it worked. That's when I noticed the icon problem.