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SOLID WORKS linked parameters vs INVENTOR

Question asked by Orest Yavtushenko on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Raymond Gaskell

I am professional Inventor user. I never used Solid Works.


The question is about linked parameters between parts in project.


For example I have one part file with most essential dimension and have links from depended parts to this file.

I would call it as Base file.


I have assembly consisting of some subassemblies.

Some of assemblies have parts with linked parameters.

When changes made to base drawing Inventor supposed to popup the “Update” sign for affected assemblies.

By triggering this sign assembly and parts must accept the new linked parameter changes in the base file.

If it does not, I can trigger the "Rebuild All" command supposed to rebuild each part in assembly.


But Inventor could simply “forget” to update one or few parts linked to base file and located in assemblies.

There is no possible to rebuild the not updated assemblies by “Rebuild All” command.


The only treatment is to open each part as standalone file and force the “Rebuild All” there.

Even when not updated part is opened as standalone file Inventor does not show the “Update” sign meaning this part requires the update.

Once the “Rebuild All” is done the further update usually go smooth without problem to this part. But next time some other part can get stuck to update.

For mid to big assemblies (hundred -thousands parts) I have at least one refusal part in every base file change.


Other words to update the assembly contained the linked parts and be hundred percent sure everything has been updated I must open each part as standalone file and force rebuild there.


So the question is how reliable and accurate the Solid Works with linked parameter update?

How Solid Works assemblies obey changes for linked parameters?