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    I'd like to start a thread where I can tally the number of SWorks restarts I need during the day

    Adam Beckett

      Today my number is 3.


      All three today were due to lockups which is more annoying than the typical SWorks crash since I have to go through my Task Manager to get my program restarted. Thankfully, SWorks has taught me to save my work regularly so I'm not doing that bad today. I wish it were always the case.


      I'm a 10+ year heavy user and I've been dealing with these "hiccups" for years with continued promises of fixes but each yearly version and each service pack is the same. Over the course of 10 years, I'm sure I've lost several week's worth of productivity. You'd think with the major upgrades in computing and graphics power of the machines we use that SWorks would be able to improve as well. Alas, no.


      Rant over.