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animation bug: rotary motor causes camera to move

Question asked by Adrian Taylor on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hey guys,


I'm having trouble creating some simple animations. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the models, I cannot upload my SolidWorks files here and its probably too time consuming to try and replicate the problem with a contrived example. I have, however, uploaded a video of the animation in question, and the problem that I am trying to deal with to Vimeo.

use the following password: bugSWA999


Basically, as you'll see in the movie, my animation consists of some mining gear (a haul truck and an electric rope shovel). The purpose of this animation is to show the function of a spinning head 3D Lidar (google the google car if your interested). To add a bit of drama, the truck is reversing into a loading position while the shovel swings the bucket above the truck tray.


The problem that I am facing is that when the head of the laser (and the animated "laser beams") are rotated using a rotary motor feature, the camera appears to zoom in and out which is quite frustrating! I can assure you that the other components of the model are mated appropriately


Like I said, I can't provide you with my actual models, but I will try and describe the way everyting is mated together:


The shovel tracks are fixed. The rotating body of the shovel is constrained with a concentric mate so that it can only rotate about a vertical axis of the tracks. It is constrained vertically with a coincident mate


The truck is constrained using a path mate. The path is a straigt line 2D sketch within the assembly. It is constrained vertically with a coincident mate.


The motion of the shovel is created manually by clicking and dragging.


any ideas?