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Solidworks 2014 unnecessary scrolling with text and buttons scaling/resizing

Question asked by Richard Wagenaar on Nov 2, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by Richard Wagenaar

I find that since 2014 the vertical distance is far too big between

menus,  RMB, trees etc  if you make the text or buttons bigger.

The vertical distance gets much bigger than the required space for the

bigger text sizes. This is causing a lot of unnecessary scrolling.


Even if you increase the button size, the vertical distance in a RMB

gets almost 2 times bigger causing the RMB options to be out of the

visable area.  It is clearly a bug when button size changes the

vertical distance between text in the RMB options.


Since 2014 there are options for changing the button size

and text size.  These settings don't really fix the problems with too

small text size or buttons as they cause bigger other problems.


These new settings still cannot change the size of the most used

command: the text size while editing a dimension. So it has clearly

missed it's goal and causes even more problems.


Solidworks is also uncompatible with the Microsoft scaling adjustments,

this causes all kinds of menus to mess up.

I already explained these problems in detail almost one year ago with screen

shots on the forum but nothing was fixed in SW2014 and now the problems

are even worse.  It is about time that these basics get fixed or rather

never should be broken, before SW2010 these problems did not exist.


Does anybody know if these problems already have SPR numbers?