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    Centrifugal Pump Casing (Slurry Pump Vault)

    Jake Abegale

      Hi Guys



      Does Anyone Know How To Draw This?

      I'm new to the Form


      I have Solidworks 2013 Version and I am trying to Create a Pump Casing.



      The Pump has a 3" Inlet and A 4" Outlet

      I have Pictures of the Pump that i will add..



      I used a Spiral and Created a Rectangular Figure to Sweep the Path. Added a Circular 4" face and lofted the Spiral ending to a final Circular Face.

      Somehow my Pump looks like a Horn


      I think i am using the Wrong Approach.

      I will add the part i Created Please review,


      Thank You All for Your Support In Advance I do Appreciate All the Help



      I Do Not know how to Empty out the Inside ( w/ The Procedure Adapted) The Part is Slimmer towards the central origin and Expands outwards to Acomodate Pressure Variations as we move outwards from the Spiral.