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    Bug in ModelDoc2::ClosestDistance??

    Mohammad Isnaini

      Hi everyone,


      I just tried to find a closest distance between sketchpoint and face by using ModelDoc2::ClosestDistance with this:


      Object pointA, pointB;

      Face2 Plane;

      SketchPoint point2Check;

      Double distance = (Double) Doc.ClosestDistance(Plane, point2Check, out pointA, out pointB);

      return Double * 1000;


      Above function just doing great, except some problem for sketchpoint that lies on the same plane (that correspond to the face).


      By using the test_assy model attached here, I found that #plane5 still has a distance even though they (sketch point and face) were on the same "virtual" plane. Because, I tried to smart dimension the sketch point and the face (that correpond to #plane5) manually, but nothing came up.


      What happen here?


      Thanks, Isnaini