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Question asked by Mark Greenwell on Nov 2, 2013
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A few months ago I had to model in sheet metal a component and create a flat patten for plasma burning.


This part came out exactly as we needed it to be. See attached Part


I basically worked out flattened size and bend line position and sketched these onto a blank plate.


Folded up, created an off set plane sketched the cut out then extrude cut, and unfolded to get the flat paten.


I would be grateful if any one would have a look at this model (done in SolidWorks 2013) and see if they could suggest an alternative method.

I am trying to see if there was another more efficient / speedier way of doing this part.


As I have said this way came out exactly like it should, so any other method would have to produce same results


Please do not be to critical




Mark (SolidWorks 2014)