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    Windchill and Solidworks

    Mike Marcoux

      Is anyone out there using Solidworks and Windchill?  I've posted this on the PTC Community support site as well. 


      At my company, we are using Windchill 9.1 M050 with Solidworks 2010 SP4.0.  Eventually we will be migrating to Windchill 10.1 and Solidworks 2013.  We also run various versions of Pro/E (Wildfire 3, 5, and Creo2).  We do run Solidworks 2011 and 2012 as well, just not with Windchill.


      My issue is as follows: when renaming components within Windchill, we encountered an issue with an assembly (approximately 850 unique components) opening up missing the recently renamed components. They are listed in the tree with the old name and supressed.  To make matters worse, it's not a consistent error and the error cannot be recreated with any sort of repeatability.  After components are renamed, the assembly may or may not recognize the name change.  And even if the assembly pulls up clean, it may not the next time it is accessed or downloaded to the workspace.  We've tried removing and recreating workspaces, had other users tried to repeat the error, but it seems to be completely random when it occurs.  Has anyone experienced this?   If the error could be repeated with any consistency, I would at least be a bit relieved that we could diagnose the source, but it appears to be completely random.

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          Mark Tafelski



          Your rename issues may not be related to Windchill.  We had numerous issues in regards to renaming parts in SW 2010.  All of the issues appear to be resolved with SW 2012.


          You may want to test renaming the same assembly with and without Windchill.



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            Steve Ostrovsky

            My first question would be - Does Windchill handle SolidWorks file referencing the way other vault do? EPDM allows renames within the vault and will update assembly paths correctly when it's checked back in. Does Windchill have the same functionality? If not, then you're back to renaming files as if they were on a network drive and using SolidWorks Explorer for instance.


            If Windchill does handle the references, then you're better off checking with the Windchill admin and their forums.

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                Mike Marcoux

                Hi Steve,


                Windchill handles it pretty much the same way as other vaults.  All paths and references should be updated when it gets checked back in.  I've posted this on PTC's site, as well as escalated the issue with our IT group.  Unfortunately, it sounds as though our case is pretty rare, as most companies with CAD stick with native PDM solutions.  Windchill has been great for us up until this issue.  Since we run both Solidworks and Pro/E, we needed one PDM solution that could handle both. 


                @Mark -  thanks for the reply.  We've "pack and go"-ed the assembly for export out of Windchill and will be testing the renaming functionality outside of the Windhill environment.  Luckily we are migrating to Windchill 10.1 soon along with upgrading to SW2013.  It's a bit of a balancing act, as we run multiple versions of each software depending on our clients needs.