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    Insert global variable/equation Macro needed - Help!

    Jonathan Ries

      I need some help with what I think should be a simple macro for anyone with solidworks macro expertise (which I don't have).  What I am trying to do is insert the following global variables and equations into the equation manager on an existing part and and existing assembly with a macro:


      "Tquantity"= "QTY PER MACHINE" * "QTY OF MACHINES"

      "MirrorQty"= if ( "Tquantity" > 1 , "Tquantity" / 2 , 0 )


      Does anyone have a macro (or could help me write one) that will allow me to do that?  . 


      As far as how the macro operates, the equations can either be coded into the macro or I can put them in a .txt file the macro references (much the way the Import function works in the Equation manager).   My intention is to then run that macro through the task scheduler to update all of the parts and assemblies in a given project.


      I will take any help I can get with this, but my coding ability in VBA (particularly in regards to solidworks) is very limited, so the simpler the better.


      Thanks in advance,


      Jon Ries