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Enterprise PDM XML. Only one variable get updated each time

Question asked by Won Lek Chua on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by Tim Webb

I am looking to import variable and variable value from XML file into EPDM.

I am following procedures provided by Solidworks as attached here.


My problem is only one variable value get updated when I change the document state to trigger the action.

Is there anyone got this problem before?


I believe I have written correct xml file, and at the moment we are trying to update one file with two variables only.

Poll frequency set at 3 minutes.

The xml file saved in a folder in our server successfully disappear (which means EPDM can recognize and successfully poll the file).

Then, I check in SQL server, ImportDocumentVariables, two variables are successfully appear in the temporary table as shown below




Then, we set the transition in workflow, as shown below







And the final step, I tried to change state to trigger this transition.

This is where the problem happened.


Only 1 variable get updated as shown here. Leaving another one still in the temporary database.


And then I change state again, to go through the loop of workflow again to trigger the action again, now only the second variable get updated.




I have tried 5 variables. If I want all 5 variables get updated, I need to go through the loop of workflow to trigger 5 times, each times only one variable get updated. I can’t figure out the reason.


Please advise if you have any suggestions?


Thanks a lot.