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    Purpose and requirements for swvbaserver.exe*32

    Todd Harrison



      I was wondering if someone could give me some insight on the swvbaserver.exe*32 process.


      We are currently doing testing to see how Solidworks will run on a system where the users have limited administrative capabilities (they are not local admins).


      Based on what I have found in this forum I have made some adjustments to our Windows machines in our small test group.

      • Users have write access to C:\Program Files\Solidworks Corp\
      • Users have write access to HLM:\SOFTWARE\Solidworks


      Everything appears to work without a problem with the exception of swvbaserver.exe*32.


      When Solidworks is run and the swvbaserver.exe*32 is started it requests admin privileges. If I cancel the request Solidworks continues to work without a problem.

      If I set swvbaserver.exe*32 to 'run as an administrator' from the properties of the exe then I get the following behavior:

      • The swvbaserver.exe*32 process will spawn, and continuing spawning. At one point I had a computer that had over 400 processes and 90% of them were this process.
      • In one particular user case I receive two errors during the launch of Solidworks



      Any ideas as to why this would be occuring? Are there additional modifications that we need to make to allow Solidoworks to running correctly in an environment with limited privileges?


      Thank you,