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SW 2013 Installation Issues

Question asked by Kevin Kauffold on Oct 31, 2013

Ok, so I'm a junior in ASU's engineering program.  I'm a transfer student from MCC.  At MCC, they had the 2012 version avaiable to the students so I installed it.  The license expired in August.  That's when I transfered to ASU, which also has a version available for students, but it's 2013.  So I tried to install the ASU version and it said it wouldn't because there was already an older version installed, told me to update or unistall.  Well, with an expired license I couldn't find where to update, so I uninstalled using "add/remove" in control panel.  Didn't work, still thinks the older version is there.  So I dug through my computer and deleted every reference to solidworks, including all the files in the registry.  No, instead of saying there's an older version installed, it says something like "this program will not work on XP and therefore will not be installed".  Um....... I'm running Window's 7 Professional.  Anyway, it clearly won't install like this.  I really need this program on my laptop for ASU. 


I got it to install on my desktop (same OS) just fine.  I just unistalled the student version of 2012 and installed the new 2013.  But this laptop thing just isn't working.  All it will let me do is creat and administrative image.  Like I would know what to do with that anyway.


I know my way around a computer, but I am by no means an expert.  PLEASE HELP?!?!?!


Just some stats...

Asus laptop, running Windows 7 Pro, i7 chip, gforce 630m video card, and 8 gig of ram.  Not that much of that matters, but I'm throwing spagetti at the wall at this point.