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Linear Point Load Simulation Query

Question asked by Steven Brooker on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Jared Conway

hi am just new to this forum and looking a bit of advice on simulating point loading.  i am currently booked in for a 3 day course through pentagon solutions but is not happening for another 4 weeks.  i am currently designing a ductile iron cover which needs to withstand a point load of 12.5 tonnes.


the cover itself rests in a fixed frame and so i put fixtures on all the contact point but i am un sure is this the right way of doing it.  the test block size in actual life is a diameter of 250mm.  to simulate this i created a split line circle area centre of the top of the cover and applied 12500 Newtons to the area. 


I was looking at the ductile iron material properties and am i right in saying, when i run the simulation and if none of the values go over the yield point should this be fine.


If possible, would someone mind if i attached my assembly model with the simulation i have done at the minute and check am i doing this correctly?


Thanks in advance for the help as i have been trying different methods but i am unsure if i am going about it the correct way.


I look forward to hearing your input and many thanks.