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    Sketch a Line or Spline Based on .CSV or Text Data?

    Dan Greenberg

      I work for a manufacturing company, and part of my job is reverse engineering products. I know 3D scanners can convert products to .STL files, but I'd like to use a micrometer for various reasons.


      The micrometer can output dimensional data to a .csv or .txt file at pretty much any interval I want. For example, I could record the dimensions of a product every .5".

      In Solidworks, I've been using construction lines and Equations to link dimensions to the text file numbers. This works well enough for dimensioning something every .5", but Equations in Solidworks runs VERY slowly, and I can't even imagine how this would work at every .1" let alone smaller intervals.


      Is there an easier way to take raw numbers and draw them out as a sketch in Solidworks?