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How can I add specific hardware to the hole wizard?

Question asked by Dave Lonsdale on Oct 31, 2013

Dear Community


Apologies if this has been answered before, I did a quick search but didn't find anything useful.


I want to add a hole to the Hole Wizard that corresponds to a specific fastener, so that the fastener I want is inserted into my assembly using Smart Fastners. More specifically I want to add a counterbore hole in the DIN standard for a Slotted Pan Head Screw.


I can choose a Slotted Cheese Head, or a Pan Head Cross Recess screw from the Toolbox Hole Wizard settings but the Slotted Pan Head isn't there, even though it is enabled in the Customise Hardware section of the settings.


Currently I choose Pan Head Cross Recess counterbore hole in the Hole Wizard then change the fastner type when inserting Smart Fasteners. This can get a bit tedious.


Can this be done without having to modify the database or create my own standard?


I have seen the reassign button to reassign a Smart Fastener to a hole, but I am not sure if this feature changes the hole dimensions to suit the fastener or not. For example, could I reassign Hex Screw Grade C counterbore hole (which I am not currently using) to a Slotted Pan Head and would the counterbore hole dimensions change to suit this fastner? My gut feeling is that this wouldn't work. Additionally I don't want to reassign the Pan Head Cross Recess as I use this too.


I hope I have made my problem clear, a couple of screen shots are attached for further clarity if needed.


Any help and suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks.


ToolBox Customise Hardware.jpgToolBox Hole Wizard.jpg