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    How to make an topographic 3D-map

    Jarle Fevang
      • I got an dxf-file which contains a real 3d-map, made by lines and curves in different levels. It's a huge file.
      • I wish to make eighter a 3d-surface or an solid in SW

      How do I do this, any ideas?

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          Jeremy Feist

          I would start with importing it into SW as curves (assuming it doesn't violate the 1 km limit) and then start with lofts or boundaries (solids or surfaces). and if needed add some guide curves.

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            Lenny Bucholz

            Yes there are a couple of ways.


            First are all the levels on different layers? If not use draftsite to move them to different layers, makes it easier in SW.


            Then open the dxf in SW drawings, that way you can show only the ones you want, then you are going to open a new part file and from the drawing you are going to select the chain of one of the levels and control c, then go to the part and select the plane you want to start on then control v and paste, then you will see the sketch. now you will have to make a plane at every level and do this over and over and over and.... over again till you have finished. not a simple thing.


            best of luck




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            opps, then loft a surface or a solid loft. may work the first time, may not, all depaends on the complexity of the levels.