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    Add security control to file card

    Andrzej Soporowski
      No I can not see any attachments since new forum. I do not know what happened, but (at least for me) they do not show.
        • Add security control to file card
          Jason Capriotti
          I don't see an attachment.......the attachment interface is tricky but it does work.
            • Add security control to file card
              Joy Garon
              Yes, by using a tab control that is "controlled by variable" , you can have the layout (i.e. restrict fields with read-only access) change depending on logged in user.<br />You create a "main" tab control having the name of each of the 3 users, set it to "controlled by variable", "<name of user>"  (the empty tab will show for any user not matching the tab names)  -  then make copy of your existing a,b,c tab control and place it in each user's tab, and then apply read-only for the various edit fields.<br /><br />Have a look in the administration guide, Controlled Tabs, "To change card layout depending on logged-in user:" (pg 99)