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    [2014] Cannot

    Vittorio Villani

      I created a surface from two fully defined splines.

      The surface was created with the fill surface and, for the boundaries, I used extruded surface from the splines, because I wanted the “tangent to face” and “curvature to face” functions to work.


      After that I created a solid body thickening the surface, then I mirrored the body.

      I was not able to create a single solid body using the combine command. SolidWorks give me some error.


      Please see attached file MirrorProblem.


      Please notice that I was able to obtain what I wanted changing the order of the functions: I used the mirror command before the thickening command. Please see the file MirrorWorks. This is the reslut I get:




      Now the problem is that I have some more complex model that I am working with that may have some thickened surfaces (or solid bodies) that I need to combine with some surfaces. What I am doing now is that I transform the solid bodies to a surface but this is not always simple…


      Could you give me any suggestion? Is it possible to make the combine tool work with “complex” solid bodies?


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          Vittorio Villani

          I am sorry, I unintentionally forgot to type a correct title for this question:


          Cannot mirror and get a solid body from a thickened surface.

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            Hi Vittorio,


            You 've hit on a long standing problem with SW and the reason that I don't use thicken in these cases. The problem is that when the surface is offset to a solid, the side faces (walls) are created and their direction is derived from the normal of the surface. Because of tolerance, these do not necessarily equate to being co-linear with the planes (side and top Ref planes) and there is an almost imperceptible angle between these end faces and the Default side and top planes; this is why a bolean error occurs when you try to mirror them to each other because a very small sliver would try to be connecting them and SW throws a "fail to merge bodies" error eventhoug theoretically they should merge and you did constructed every thing correctly.  This is evident by the fact that if you take a look at the attached part that I amended from yours, you'll see that I corrected this very slight intolerance (angle) by using replace face. After doing that everything works fine with mirror.


            Your alternative method is what I usually do and would have done in your case.