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Accommodating V-cut and Press Brake in Solidworks

Question asked by Scott Milburn on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by William Kear

I'm designing a flat pattern for a folded prism cut at an angle of 45 on both ends. The metal sheet will be V-cut at the bends before being brake pressed.


The flat pattern I'm required to make should have sharp corners at the bends, so when the sheet is V-cut and bent, it will give a sharp finish. However, when I try to shape the prism (with K-factor of 0.4), I always get rounded corners. Moreover, there are some irregular extrusions on the borders which are impractical for production.


Extruded Prism.jpg

What I'm doing seems quite straight forward. I wonder what's the best way to accomplish this. I'm very new to Solidworks (2 days only) and it'd be helpful if you could give a bit more detail. Thank you!