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    balloon stack with qty

    Scott Cole

      i like to stack my balloons for hardware. nuts, bolts, washers and put 4X OR 2X or what ever at the end of the string. in solidworks 2013 we have the ability to put the qty at the end of a single balloon but not when stacked. is there a way to do this?. i know in solidedge you could type the qty as a note and control select the balloon and the text and join them so if you move the balloons the text will go with them. i dont want to put the qty at each balloon in the string, that looks like crap. what do you guys do in this situation?

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          Josh Brady

          You can group annotations in SolidWorks also.  The sticking point is that the note and balloon annotations have to "belong" to the same view.  If you create your note near the balloon, the note will probably "belong" to the sheet instead of the view that the balloon "belongs" to because the body of the balloon is typically located outside the view boundary.  However, if you create the note inside the view boundary and then drag it out by the balloon you can control-select the balloon and note and group them from the right-click menu.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            As Josh said, Group the annotations.  This is on the Align toolbar.  It's one of the few toolbars I keep open all the time, and I use it often.  Not only can you use it to group balloons, notes, dimensions, etc., but there are also many options for aligning and spacing annotations that would come in handy in your situation.  In addition to the workflow Josh mentioned for tying the added notation to the drawing view, I often attach the note or balloon to the drawing view with a leader, then hide the leader and position it where I want.  This makes it handy when I want to cut and paste notes that are linked to a property.  I can copy the note, then click on a drawing edge of another view (not just on the view in general, that won't work) and paste.  The pasted note or balloon will assume the property of the drawing view.


            Speaking of cutting and pasting, there is one drawback to grouping annotations with the Align toolbar.  If they've been arranged the way you want and Grouped, after copying and pasting the new annotations will be stacked on top of each other instead of spaced like the parent ones.  You will need to un-group them, arrange them the way you want, then re-group.  For this reason, if you're going to be copying and pasting notes, don't group them first.  There is a service pack request for this so hopefully it will get fixed ("SPR 735710" "Copy and paste aligned annotations lose their alignments").


            Anyway, I hope I didn't ramble too much and you get something from this.