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    Automatic global contact search

    Maria Vasaitis

      I'm trying to run a simulation on an assembly using global contact with no penetration. Everything goes fine until the simulation stops and give this message "Automatic global contact search". I don't know what this means. I'm building some snap fits so I can't work with "bonded" option (wich BTW works fine).

      How can I run the simulation with contacts with no penetration? There are a lot of this snap fits so I would like it to be automatic (there are no gaps between the entities)

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          Jared Conway

          can you post the exact error message and a picture of the model? an additional picture showing the coincident interference (number of locations of contact) may be helpful.


          also, i'm assuming here that you've simplified the problem as much as you can and eliminated any potentially harmful issues like interferences or bad imported bodies..etc.