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System Extremely Slow

Discussion created by Bob Stratz on Dec 11, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2006 by Bill Van Der Plaats
I am not very much of a hardware techie as far as computers go. I have been using solidworks consistently since 2004,. I am now running 2007 SP 1.1.

My assemblies are usually in the 15 -30 MB size with the supporting files adding up to a few GB. Some parts are pretty complex, with multiple helical features, and sometimes some organic shapes as well.

I sometimes see assemblies that take upward of 30 minutes to load. When I view the task manager- performance window. It shows that I have 8 GB RAM with close to 7 GB available. The window shows 8 CPU's, rarely with much over 15-20% usage, one cpu may be hovering at or around 85-90% for a while then that usage will switch to a different CPU. Rarely is more than 2 of the CPU's showing more than 50% usage at one time. Is this normal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get the management here interested in more seats of SW, but that is difficult when I am having so much trouble with what I would consider a pretty robust system.