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    Solidworks PDM - Failed to extract add-in

    It Avdeling

      PDM is working fine on the current computer, but just this one windows-user has a problem when logging into PDM. The error he gets is "Failed to extract add-in from C:\Users\riv\AppData\Local\SolidWorks\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM\Plugins\Umoe\{68486DAA-9322-30A7-8667-B47B6686BDD5}\PDFExporter.CAF. No access".


      So I guess the problem is with his local Windows-account, and will maybe be solved if it gets deleted and then recreated, but I am afraid that would affect the files that aren't checked in yet?!


      This has been working fine, but after some changes with the Solidworks-license on the computer (from network to standalone), we got this error.


      So, any ideas?!